5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Social Media

5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Social Media

Blogging is one of the most well-known methods to promote your ideas. Businesses can also use blogs to promote products and/or services. Whatever the purpose of blogging is for a particular person or institution, it is very clear that promoting blogs throughout the Internet is necessary so that these blogs can garner a wide readership. (It is also possible to earn money through blogging – affiliate marketing is one instance.)

Fortunately, social media sites are great allies for bloggers to have in blog promotions. Social media sites are home to millions of Web users all over the planet, so when you promote your blog through social media, then potentially millions can hear about your blog and then visit! Note that you don’t really need millions of viewers (though that is fun to have); all you need is to ensure a loyal readership or a loyal customer base for your blog. That way, you can keep your blog on the radar. Businesses can also earn more money through marketing their blogs on social media.

Here are five ways to promote blogs though the different social media channels out there:

5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Social Media:

1. Let’s begin with the basic: Create a page on Facebook and promote your blog there. Frequent Facebook users can go there and thus the Facebook page will serve as an entry point for your blog. Making a Facebook page also makes for sound marketing, because those who “like” the Facebook page will share it with others, thus potentially increasing your blog readership.

2. Harness the power of Twitter. With Twitter, you can let interested readers know your new blog posts. Twitter users can “retweet” your post so that word about your update will spread quickly. You can also use hashtags, which allow other people who are interested in a particular topic to follow you. Also, you can place the “tweet” button on the posts on your blog. The “tweet” button gives an opportunity for blog readers to tweet that they’re reading your blog.

3. Use LinkedIn to remind contacts of blog updates. Yes, LinkedIn is not only for presentation of professional qualifications; it can also be used as a platform for sharing blog content. Because LinkedIn is seen by your professional contacts, you announce any new posts in your blog. Within LinkedIn, use your blog as a way of signalling your expertise on a particular field. When others read your informative blog content, you might get your next job offer or your next promotion.

4. Place plenty of social network sharing tools in your blog. Allow sharing of your blog content into the many social networking sites out there. When visitors read something they like, typically they like sharing it to others, so give them the opportunity to do so. Additionally, you can use a tool such as AddThis that consolidates all social bookmarkingsocial media buttons websites into just one tool. With combined sharing, social media marketing just takes a single click.

5. Of course, don’t forget your web content. Create interesting and “Attention Grabbing”  headlines that people will think as worthy of sharing to others. Within the fast-paced social networking world, people usually judge blog content by their headlines. If the headline of a specific blog entry does not appeal to a reader, then the reader will skip to another blog. Also, once you have caught the reader’s attention with your headline, make your web content good as well. Not just good; make it superb, outstanding, and worthy of sharing.

The way you use social media for blog promotion will spell the difference between a vastly social mediaincreased readership and the stagnation of your blog. There are many social networking channels out there, so better take the chance, study how to make your blog prominent on those social media sites, and begin promoting.

The key is it is never too soon to start. so regardless if you have a website or are in the process of building a website get started with your social media marketing strategies and start building a following. Be consistent and you will find that in time you can build a real presence online with social media marketing.



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