A Review of MLM Guru David Wood

A Review of MLM Guru David Wood

David Wood is well known in the internet MLM marketing industry. His name is everywhere. David is one of my top mentors and from him I learned the key concepts of Personal Branding and the importance of blogging. Much of my current success id due to what I have learned from Davids expertise.

David WoodDavid Wood has a unique story. One many of us can with. From homeless, living in a van to independently wealthy living in Costa Rica in a year and a half. Now David was homeless partially by choice. It seems like he made a decision to live the “hippie” life. But it is amazing he went from $30.00 in his pocket to a small fortune in less than 2 years.

David Wood is an inspirational, hard working marketer that uplifts this industry and those that surround him. That is what branding is all about. Uplifiting your team and the industry we represent with ethics and hard, consistent work. Its about staying positive and doing those things that make us uncomfortable.

I thank David Wood for all he has done for me and the network marketing industry and recommend him to anyone that wants to learn how to take your business to the next level. We all need a good mentor when it comes to learning a new skill ans David is the best of the best. David has fun, has integrity and most of all has the knowledge you can use to build a successful MLM business.


Thank you for checking out this article and I’ll see you on the inside…Paul Butler

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