Advocare MLM Reviews – Supplement your Health and your Income

Advocare MLM Reviews – Supplement your Health Supplement your Income

Advocare ReviewsThere are numerous versions of an Advocare reviews available on the internet, all offering varying perspectives. Advocare is a MLM company in the health and nutrition industry and has been operating since the early 1990s. A certain amount of credibility is attached to Advocare, simply because of the length of time it has been in business in the competitive field of direct selling.

You have possibly already discovered some of the reports and comments that abound on the internet about Advocare and other MLM companies. They are as varied as they are numerous. Probably the most prominent are those that are supposedly been written by disgruntled customers, who were disappointed, even angry, with the results they got from the products. There are also comments by equally disgruntled distributors who didn’t make the vast sums of money that the company claims are available when you promote their products.

Advocare MLM Reviews

There are a number of positive reports from both distributors and consumers. There are even reports that many of the negative reviews have been written by opposition companies. The only way to get a satisfactory amount of informationAdvocare Reviews is to read numerous reviews; you need to be well-informed before you part with your money on either products or a membership of any company.

The products are the key to any successful business and you need to use them yourself in order to be able to promote them well. Advocare has products for skin care, weight loss, general health and nutrition for specific groups. The company claims to provide solutions for sports nutrition, children’s nutrition and being over-weight. The company aims are in its motto to “live on your terms“.

If you decide to become a distributor, you need to understand what you need to do to qualify for payment for promoting the products. In MLM, this is called the company compensation plan. There are different models of compensation plan and they all require slightly different types of marketing to enhance your income.

Advocare has a stair-step breakaway payment plan which simply means that when your downline (people you have signed up) build their business to a set level, they break away from you to operate as a stand-alone business. You will then be paid a percentage of their total turnover. This concept can be difficult for people to grasp.

In any industry, training is important to the success of the members. Support is vital, especially in the early stages of Advocare Reviewshaving your own business. Unfortunately, this is an area that is lacking with this company. While they do organize teleconferences and online webinars, there is little information available about the how to market your business and find new people to join your organization. It is left to individuals to show their downline members how to go about building a successful multi-level marketing business. When you have your own business, it is really hard to stay motivated and on-track without adequate support and training.

Advocare Reviews

The company continues on in business despite losing a court battle with unhappy distributors in 2009 and being involved in an on-going lawsuit over their products. They have recently become associated with some US sporting teams to supply supplements to the team members. The most important fact that this Advocare review presents is the lack of adequate company training and support, without which a new distributor will need to educate themselves about marketing their business.

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