Home Business Tips For Spending Your Time On What Makes Money

Home Business Tips For Spending Your Time On What Makes Money

There is a saying that 80% of our results are typically from about 20% of our efforts.  This is saying that 80% of the things we are doing is essentially wasting time. Obviously the truth is not as black and white as this. Even so it is worth considering how you are spending your time and whether your activities are contributing to the profitability of your business.

If you want to make money from a home-based business then everything you do or at least the majority of your activities need to be focused on those activities which will directly lead to you making money.  I read an article recently about personality traits of those who are consistently and continually successful in their online businesses.

The article also discussed those who are not successful even though they try over and over again. One of the reasons for those who continually fail indicated that they focus too much on perfection in areas that are not directly linked to producing sales.

How to be Successful in your Homes-Based Business:

On the other hand, it was said that a trait of those who are habitually successful were that they don’t wait for perfection before moving forward. They put up a website and while they hope to improve it over time they get right to work on generating traffic and making sales instead of spending hours trying to make it the perfect website.

pips12How are you spending your workday? To oversimplify, are you spending your time organizing your office and attending to administrative details or are you spending your time on direct marketing activities that will lead to sales. You see it makes absolutely no difference how organized your office is or how nice your website looks if you are not making sales.

It is all about the sale. It is like a salesperson who spends an hour and a half every morning going through his leads and organizing them and making notes and planning his day instead of picking up the telephone and calling on those leads. There is a reason he does this and that is because picking up the telephone and calling leads is hard and it is uncomfortable and we are creatures that seek comfort. The problem is those activities are not going to put money in his wallet.

If you are not making sales you do not have a business. You can have the nicest office chair and furniture and professional looking letterhead and a website but if you are not making sales you have nothing. Make sure the essentials are in place but after that focus your time on activities that are directly related to driving traffic to your website because that is what will produce leads and those leads will produce sales and those sales will put money in your pocket.

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