IS this a Pyramid Scam?

Is This A Pyramid Scam?

If you have been in the network marketing industry and are actively out prospecting I am sure you have heard this silly statement (we’ll call it an objection) “Is this one of those PYRAMID deals or schemes :0 . Now, if you are like me I am sure you have maybe even had that thought once in your distant past. It is a belief that seems to be floating around the collective consciousness. In truth most people that make this statement don’t even really know what it means. They may even be thinking is this one of those things that only the person at the top makes any money? WHAT!!!

If you ever hear “Is this one of those pyramids” I don’t want you to take this statement seriously. actually your better off pretending like you have never heard this before. A pyramid, isn’t that one of those things in Egypt? Or even ask the prospect “what’s a pyramid”? Lets see how smart they really are…

Are Pyramid Scams even LEGAL?

If this were a true statement than the MLM industry wouldn’t have made it as long as it has.
This really has been a non-issue since Amway was taken to court in the late 80’s. Real pyramid schemes are illegal and would be shut down by the FCC, or whatever government agency that controls schemes and scams in the USA.

If you hear this, among several other complains or objections, I wanted to let you know you are not alone. In this industry we have all heard this complaint and many other excuses too. Don’t let it get to you. This is really how the brain works; People want to sound intelligent and knowledgeable. They think if they say something like”Is this a Pyramid Scheme” that they sound or look more intelligent than you. But, sadly, this is never the case. This is actually an ignorant statement seeing that all corporations are setup like a pyramids. MLM is really the only free, open and equal opportunity business in the world. This is something anyone, no matter their history or background, can do. This doesn’t mean it is easy or a get rich quick scheme. It takes time and hard work, but it is definitely worth your effort. Nothing in life, that is worth it, is easy.

Also if you are out there actively prospecting,which I’m sure you are, you are going to come up against some skepticism. Now this is really a survival mechanism in the brain. If people weren’t skeptical than they would fall for any scam that came their way. Now the problem is that most people are sceptical about everything, or most things. Which keep them from pursuing any real life-changing opportunity. So be skeptical but PLEASE keep an open mind.

So what do you say if we join together and build us one powerful life-changing pyramid that has ever been built!!! 🙂 Check out the following video. If you are in MLM I am sure you are going to get a kick out of it.

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