Ive Never Seen a Dog Spit

Ive Never Seen a Dog Spit!! LOL

Most people reading this article are probably thinking what the heck. But let me ask you my friend have you ever seen a dog spit!!! Of course not! Drool maybe, but not spit. They dont have the mechanics to achieve the function of spitting…

So you probably are wondering what does this have to do with anything? let me explain…

I am going to tell you a little story…

The other day I made a journey to the serpent mound in Southern Ohio. It was a nice spring afternoon, the sun was shining and a warm breeze spread over the land. The serpent mound was a very powerful energy spot. It was known that many years in the past a meteor had struck the earth in this area.

I had the pleasure to meet a few local peeps while hiking around the area. I also made a direct connection with a metallic green tiger beetle while resting in a grove in the woods.

Well after my journey I stop in the museum on the property and meet a couple of friendly people working there. One was a gentlemen named Brian. Brian was a local naturalist and survivalist. This guy was the real deal, not one of these Rambo type hacks that you see on cable TV, like Man vs the Wild. Brian hated the name of this show. He was like “Man should live in harmony with nature its not us verse nature, its us living with nature.”

I was intrigued by this fellow. So I decided to pick his brain. We talked a bit about surviving in nature. A friend had been on a survival weekend with one of the guys from one of the tv shows with a barefoot guy named Cody. It was the other guy, from the military. I’ve never seen the show, sorry, so I’m just going by what I heard.

Now my new friend Brian explained to me that these guys on Tv were not real survivalists. They were hacks. If people did what they showed you on these shows you would not survive a week in the wild, according to Brian.

I said its got to be rough surviving the winters in Ohio living off the land. Brian told me that no its actually easy once you know how. I guess its like any skill, once you learn and master it, the skill becomes easy or simple. second nature.

So we were discussing some of the things the natives used for food like tree bark. I thought man you would have to stew that thing for a while. Brian assured me it is better to make a powder out of the bark and use it as a type of flour. Brian explained how tree bark has many more nutrients than most foods you get at the grocery store.

After reading David Wolfes’ book the Sunfood Diet many years ago I know the benefits of raw whole foods over processed foods.  Brian confirmed that things like grasses and dandelion have a lot more nutrients than most lettuce you purchase at the grocers. We joked about how people spend so much money yearly on herbicides and weed killer when many of their weeds are medicine. Eating those weeds, like dandelion leaves, could cure people of their ailments and is a liver cleanser.

Really Have you ever seen a dog spit?

People really should get educated on plant that are wild and edible and learn more about the health benefits of wild plants, not only for survival but for health and wellness.

So Brian and I continued by me asking him if eating grass had many life giving nutrients. He responded, “heck yes they have many vital nutrients in grass.” He continued by claiming that although there are many nutrients that the collagen in grass cannot be digested by humans properly, like cows, so it is best to chew the grass and suck the nutrients out and spit out the rest.

Brian went on to explain look at cats and dogs they chew grass for a reason they are not stupid. I said yes I have seen that. And he said that why you see them eat and puke out the remains because they cant digest it properly either. I said yeah they probably accidentally swallow some while chewing on the grass.

He kind of gave me this blank stare and calmly but seriously said “Dogs can’t spit”!!

I paused and laughed my butt off. I said “now that you mention it I never have seen a dog or cat spit.” That really seemed hilarious to me. I have seen them drool but never spit. It never occurred to me until that moment. And the look that Brian gave me cracked me up, it was the look of don’t be ridiculous. But it was a look as if he never really thought of it before either.

Well I learned a lot from Brian and hope this opens you up to the possibility of learning some survival skills, just in case, and learn the benefits of eating wild edible plants for fun and for health!!

Have a some fun today…Lifes short, live a little…

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