Is Your Addiction To The Idea Of Making Money Online Killing Your Earning Potential

Is Your Addiction To The Idea Of Making Money Online Killing Your Earning Potential

There’s something about the idea of making money online while sitting at home in your underwear that is both appealing and irresistible for some.  The desire to accomplish this seems to get into the DNA of those who have the dream. making money onlineThere is also no question that the failure rate for those who attempt to make money online is probably more than 90%.

And yet even those who continually fail with business after business will continually keep trying to build a successful online business. They spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on online business opportunities seeking that dream lifestyle. It is almost like it becomes an addiction.

Anyone who has spent much time in the industry knows that it is not uncommon to see the same people getting involved with every new business opportunity that comes along. They will often try a program for anywhere from 2 to 3 months and when they are not successful very quickly they will quit and move on to the next big thing.  Anyone who has been successful in business knows that you can’t build a successful business in only 2 to 3 months. It rarely happens that fast.

Is Making Money Online all Hype?

This makes me wonder whether the industry and the hype isn’t, in a way, holding many people back. The hype often associated with online business opportunities is strong and aggressive. It can at you with images of gurus sitting on the beach with their laptops and fancy cars and piles of money.  Those without discipline and laser focus our distracted by each new opportunity that promises easy riches and quick results.

pips8For those with the addiction to making money online the temptation to quit what they’re doing and join the next big opportunity is sometimes nearly irresistible. So they make the change and this leads to the inordinately high failure rate in the home business industry.

What does it take to making money online?

You cannot dispute that those who are making the big money in this industry are those who are highly focused and attentive to their business. They choose a business opportunity and a stick to it with precise focus and determination.

They are the ones who realize that success is not really about the product or service. But rather it can be found with almost any good and legitimate program. The key is finding a system that is proven and can be duplicated.

Finding a proven system that can be duplicated by new members is critical. Second to that is encouraging people to stick with the system and to work it until they see the fruits of their labor. Those are probably the two most important factors to building a successful and highly profitable online business.

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