Four Crazy Money Making Ideas for 2013

Four Crazy Money Making Ideas for 2013

The world of employment has changed considerably in the last ten years. Market crashes, high unemployment and the Crazy Money Making Ideasimpact of the Internet on the job market have all resulted in the creation of strange, new opportunities for making money. While these changes have been painful for some, they have also made it possible for people to earn a living with some crazy money making ideas.

Virtual Work

More than one unemployed or underemployed person has discovered a way to earn good money without ever leaving their home. For instance, millions of people around the world enjoy playing World of Warcraft so intensely that they cannot find enough time in life to continue gathering gold in the game. They gladly pay other people to play the game for them while they work at their real-life jobs. They contact these people through the Internet and pay them real money via online accounts.

Internet Begging

Some people weathered the layoffs of the last few years by begging online. A good example is a young woman who got laid off from a high-paying job at a time when she owed $20,000 on her credit cards. She set up a website and told her story to public and simply asked for small amounts. Many people were moved by her story and by the pictures of her dressed in designer clothes. She received roughly $13,000 in about five months. Between that and selling some things, she managed pips12to live and to pay off her cards.

Trading Up

One Canadian man decided that he wanted a house a few years ago. However, he did not have any money or any construction skills. He decided to use the Internet to make some trades. However, these were not stock trades. He began with an odd-looking and large paper clip which he traded for a pen. He continued making trades, edging his way up in values until he traded a walk-on role in a TV show for a house in 2006.

Selling Dirt

There are millions of people around the world with Irish blood due to the emigration of many people from the Emerald Isle over the last couple centuries. Many people want some dirt from the homeland to throw on graves when proud relative die. A man in Ireland began selling authentic Irish dirt from his backyard for $10 per pound. His company now makes $2 million per year selling this dirt.

There is no reason to let the tides of change make a wreck of your life. These people and others have proved that there is money to be made in these new opportunities.


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