Numis Network UK PreLaunch Sept 1 2011

Numis Network UK PreLaunch Sept 1 2011 with Paul Butler

Numis Network Prelaunch in the UK begins Sept 1 2011. Reps have until Nov first to build their team and to lock their position for 1 pound. Paul Butler team is buidling in Great Britain. Join us today.

Attention United Kingdom Entrepreneur,

You’ve most likely heard of the amazing opportunity called Numis Network,
the world’s first network marketing company bringing real wealth to the families
around North America. They have been marketing certified gold & silver
to people for the past 2 years and dominating this network marketing category
with ZERO competition…

Well the eagerly anticipated international pre-launch into your nation
is finally here. Numis Network opportunity has come to your land!

As of midnight this Wednesday Aug 31st, (Sept 1st) any one in UK which is
Scotland, Northern Ireland, London England and Wales will be able to pre-enroll
for only one pound (£1) approx $1.60 USD

That’s right only £1

For this you will have access to your own replicated website to market and
recruit other UK residents who want to capitalize on this exploding
trend & market. 24 hours a day for the next 2 months!!!

Just think about if you could have been first to capitalize on
Google, Microsoft, Cell-phone boom or even the bottle water trend?
Would you be richer today? I know your answer is yes…
Well if you missed those multi-billion dollar trends, you definitely
will not want to miss out on positioning early with Numis in UK

Remember it’s always easier to be early than smart.

You do want to be able to look back and see 100’s on your team in the next few weeks don’t you?

So once you sign up for £1 YOU will have access to YOUR own back office to see YOUR

new sign ups in the genealogy page ( daily in real time) but not only that you’ll be able to sign up
and enroll other reps in USA, CAN & Puerto Rico too!

Are you beginning to see how big this is?

This is going to be huge for you to get a massive jump start for those of you who
want to be a founding rep in Numis Network

ON Nov 1st Numis will officially flick the switch and “Go LIVE” at which point your credit cards will be processed
for the remaining enrollment amount plus all other accumulated pre-enrollees’ enrollments.

It goes without saying,Numis coming to UK is a HUGE opportunity for you

The more people that sign up as of Sept 1st, the faster you can build a massive
downline & residual check. We are expecting close to 5000 sign ups in the next 60 days!

Join Today by clicking join Numis

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