Our Company Expansion in the UK and How You Can Save 75 Dollars

Our Company Expansion in the UK and How You Can Save 75 Dollars

Numis Network, a gold and silver company, based out of Tampa, Fl had expanded to the UK in Oct of 2011. We are growing in leaps and bounds. If you are in the UK or have connections in the UK check out >> Numis Network.

Numis Network is now in the US, Canada and the UK. We will be adding new countries regularly. The UK team is really growing like a wildfire and building momentum daily. We have some of the top leaders in this industry on our team.

If you want more info connect with me on Skype: paul.m.butler

or call me 216-501-7449

Now until February 12 2012 you save $75.00 off the Fast Track Collector kit. Join us where “Coins Are Cool”!!

Join Numis Network Now

Enjoy a wealthier, happier life.
Get your Numis Success System for FREE!**Don’t wait another second!Sign up now, and order the Fast Track Collector’s Kit, and Numis Network will waive the $75.00 fee for your Numis Success System.
At the time you enroll, you must place your order for the Fast Track Collector’s Kit in order to receive your Numis Success System at no cost.

This is a limited time promotion!

Numis success system

Your Numis Success System includes a complete suite of marketing and numismatic resources:

  • Numis Portfolio – includes printed sales aids
  • Numisnetwork.com/site – Your own ecommerce website with shopping cart and representative enrollment.
  • Shopnumis.com/site – Your own customer website designed to promote the Fast Track Collector’s Kit and our extensive catalog of graded silver and gold coins.
  • Numisone.com/site – Your own specialized opportunity site with lead capture.
  • Numis Online Marketing System – Your own contact management system integrated with your Numis websites for lead capture and time-sequenced email marketing campaigns
  • Back Office Business Center -Tracks your business details, including compensation, sales team, reporting, and much more.
  • Quickstart Guide – 5 Simple Steps to Launch Your Business
  • Star Builder Training System – Access to Numis Network’s exclusive training system provides you with clear and detailed information about the best ways to build your business quickly and profitably.
The Numis Success System is just $75.00 plus shipping and tax.

For your convenience you will be automatically enrolled into our exclusive Silver Coin of The Month Cub.

There is a $9.95 (USD) per month to maintain your online tools.

Numis success system

The Fast Track Collector’s Kit is the perfect way to start your membership in the Silver Coin of the Month Club.

Your Deluxe Collector’s Kit includes all this!
  • MS70 Silver Coin – Start your collection with a perfectly graded coin from the Silver Coin of the Month Club selection.
  • Graded Coin Attaché Collector’s Case – A beautiful case specially designed to protect, display, and carry your collection.
  • The ‘Coins Are Cool’ DVD Series – Educational and entertaining videos about graded coins and numismatics.
  • Silver Coin of the Month Club – The most convenient way to build your collection with perfectly graded coins from the world’s leading government mints.
  • Free Coin Grading Certificate – Send 5 of your own coins for free professional grading and encapsulation by ANACS, one of the world’s most respected coin grading organizations. This is a $95 value!
  • Personally Customized Forever Crystal – Your legacy is forever captured in this unique customized crystal keepsake.
  • Special Preferred Pricing – Preferred Pricing on Numis Network’s extensive catalog of products saves you even more money over our everyday low prices.
Note: There is an additional $14.95 S&H charge for the Forever Crystal as it is customized and shipped separately.

The Fast Track Collector’s Kit is just $420.00 plus shipping and tax.

Numis Success System (Free if you purchase a Fast Track Kit NOW!) Only $75.00


Fast Track Collector’s Kit (Success System Discount Shown in this Price) Only $345.00

Get in Numis Network Today and start building your Home Business for $420.00 plus shipping and tax. start your path to your preservation of wealth. until Feb 12th 2012 after the price goes back up to $495 plus shipping and tax…

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