Shaklee Reps – Get Highly Targeted Leads to your Shaklee Business Opportunity

Shaklee Reps – Get Highly Targeted Leads to your Shaklee Business Opportunity

If you are building your Shaklee Business online you need 2 things:

1.  A high converting sales funnel


2. High Quality TRAFFIC!

We have both!!!

For our best converting sales funnel and autoresponder I highly recommend the Power Lead System.



My number 1 source for High Quality Traffic is Traffic Authority.

Traffic Authority offers Top Tier English Speaking Traffic. These are people looking for a business opportunity or ways to make money online.





Shaklee Reps – Get Highly Targeted Leads to your Shaklee Business Opportunity

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How to get Targeted Traffic and Leads for your Advocare Business Opportunity

How to get Targeted Traffic and Leads for your Advocare Business Opportunity

If you are building your Advocare Business online you need 2 things:

1. a good converting sales funnel



For an excellent, high converting sales funnel and autoresponder I highly recommend the Power Lead System.



My number 1 source for High Quality Traffic is Traffic Authority.

Traffic Authority offer Top Tier English Speaking Country Traffic. These are people looking for a business opportunity or ways to make money online.


How to get Targeted Traffic and Leads for your Advocare Business Opportunity

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Email List Building For Dummies

Email List Building For Dummies


If you are currently building an online business you must be building a list of prospects. This is a beginners guide to building your list.

1. Sales Funnel (my example
a. lead capture page
b. autoresponder –Power Lead System/ Aweber


traffic monsoon, power lead system, and 4 corners

2. Traffic

Leads – email addresses

free ways/ paid ways

#1 traffic source – Solo Ads

2 of my top traffic sources are Udimi and Traffic Authority

reinvest 100% of your sales into buying more traffic until you make enough from profits
(this is not gross) to quit your day job. So if you need to make 5k per month to pay your bills and you are grossing 10k per month in sales, half of that must be profit. work your way up to buying 1000 leads per day and you will never have to work again.
Traffic Authority Traffic Packages:
Udimi Solo Ads:


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IMPORTANT!! As the Stock Market Plunges what to do with your Money!

IMPORTANT!! As the Stock Market Plunges what to do with your Money!

Check out this video on what to do with your money as the Stock Market Crashes ans how to protect your assets with these 4 programs online!!

Stock Market Alternatives:
Traffic Authority

Easiest Sales System
My Advertising Pays

Traffic Monsoon

email me:

Stock Market Crash

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How to explode your vemma business fast

[fevideo id=35]

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Vemma Live Stream

[fevideo id=1]

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SuperCharged Network Review

SuperCharged Network Review

The SuperChargedNetwork.Com Family Is Helping Millions Of People Around The World Get Healthier, Wealthier, Happier & Most Importantly We Give YOU More Freedom To Do The Things YOU Love!

 What is Super Charged Network?

It is an online marketing system that helps you build an

online business with the Vemma opportunity.SuperCharged-Network

We have an amazing community on facebook with over

14k members.

this is a sales funnel built with incredible Online Sales Pro software.

What do you get with SuperCharged Network?

You get a full marketing system with lead capture pages, video recruiting, a marketing university and a follow up system for your leads.

There is also an awesome app for your mobile device that you are notified every time you get a lead and you can follow up by  email, phone and even text. With so many people using smart phone and Ipads these days this is really a no brainer.

This system comes with great training and is being tweeking and upgraded weekly.

 Supercharged Network Family

the Supercharged network is like a family with amazing support and networking connections unlike anything I have ever seen in this industry.

The system was created by the great Internet Marketing guru Vincent Ortega Jr. This guy is a legend in online mareketing earning over 7 figures online. We are here to bring Vemma to a billion dollar company.

you can check out the SuperCharged Network Here

If you have any questions feel free to connect with me on Skype @ paul.m.butler , email me @ and connect with me on facebook here

 Check out VEMMA Opportunity Here



The original superfruit in a super formula…

Vemma’s 90-plus nutrients nourish the body at the cellular level and the daily 2 ounce serving is all you need to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs for a solid nutritional foundation.* Featuring 12 full-spectrum vitamins, plant-sourced minerals along with a powerful blend of the exotic mangosteen superfruit, organic glyconutrient-rich aloe vera and organic decaffeinated green tea, Vemma is quite possibly the world’s most powerful liquid antioxidant.

If you are ready to be healthy, wealthy and find happiness Join my Team now and we can get Rockin!!

Come on you only live once it is time to Thrive my friend…


If you enjoyed SuperCharged Network Review please leave a comment and share…

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Affiliate Marketing Tips


3 Affiliate Marketing Tips To Build Long-Term Business Success


Many online marketers are wondering if there is any formula or recipe to achieve success in affiliate marketing. What techniques and methods can be adopted to become a high-earning affiliate marketer?


Here are some proven tips to help you:


Affiliate Marketing Tip # 1: Learn From Your Mistakes.


As many challenges may arise, you need to know how to be relaxed and calm. Don’t get too stressed out when things don’t go your way. It’s only natural to make mistakes in the beginning. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes.


Keep on testing. You might not be earning much in the beginning, but all of those tests will ultimately help you eliminate the things you should not be doing, and realize the things that are actually working.


Affiliate Marketing Tip # 2: Stay Focused.


People think that once they become affiliate marketers, they can simply idle time away – working any time they want to. You may have heard famous affiliate marketers earning millions, almost without doing any work. That may be true in their case; but unless you’re in their shoes right now, you can’t afford to dilly-dally.


When you’ve not yet reached your income goal (especially in the initial stages), it is important to stay focused. Do not procrastinate. Affiliated marketing needs dedication, at least until you’ve established a system that will allow you to work less while still earning on a continuous basis.


It’s fine to take an extended holiday to recharge your energy every now and then (in fact, I highly recommend it); but do remember that when it’s time to work, your mind should be focused on the job and not daydreaming about your next vacation.


Affiliate Marketing Tip # 3: Analyze And Brainstorm Solutions.


If you think that you are not getting the desired results, then instead of quitting and giving up, you must check the reasons why you are not performing to your expectations. Some people are clueless on where to start in analyzing what needs to be done.


To give you some ideas, ask yourself these questions and list down the possible solutions:


– What is going wrong with my affiliate marketing business?

– Where is the problem coming from, and how do I resolve it?

– Why are there fewer sales in my account, and what should I do to increase it?

– Are the results and outcomes being tracked? If not, how do I start tracking?

– What marketing and promotional activities can I stop or start doing to increase sales?

– Is my traffic targeted? If not, how can I generate targeted traffic?

– How can I improve conversion rates of my promotional messages?

– How can I change my offer to get more leads and customers?

– What updates can I put on my website to increase my bottom line?

– Is the customer service doing its job in satisfying clients? If not, what can I do about it?

– Does the website convey quality and trust?

– Are there privacy policies and disclaimers available on the website?

– Do the website and product statistics produce correct and accurate results?

– How do I motivate employees to perform better?


This is just a simple checklist; you may add more depending on your requirements. List down all the answers and possible solutions to the above questions, and take immediate action to apply them. When you begin to take action, your momentum will start building; and before you know it, money will roll faster than you can ever expect.

All affiliate marketers must think positively, confidently and optimistically. You must be motivated to find solutions and act immediately. If you stick to this easy and classic formula then there is no point of quitting, and success will be much easier to attain.


If you received any value from 3 Affiliate Marketing Tips To Build Long-Term Business Success please leave a comment and share 🙂

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One Ten Method

 One Ten Method Review with the Own Matrix internet marketing system – One Ten Method

In this video I explain the One Ten Method business opportunity with the potential to earn 10 stream of residual monthly income.make money like the gurus

With the Own matrix we have to opportunity to earn a residual income with 10 different income streams. Our team will help you build your downline team and eventually place people directly under you.

We have a group that we will build under you in sets of 3’s. Meaning we will build three downline legs for and with you. The process will go much quicker depending on the time and or money you invest in building your business.

connect with me on facebook:

once we connect and you are ready to get started (
you will need $49.00 with credit or debit card) connect with me on facebook and send me a msg that you are ready to get started in One Ten Method and I will send a direct link to you to get started and than I will send you a facebook invite to our private group

instant access


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Boost your conversion rates with these call-to-action button tips

Boost your conversion rates with these call-to-action button tips

 Do you think your business is successful? 

The best way to tell is to look at your conversion rate.

How often do people who visit your website subscribe to your email list and become customers? The higher the rate, the better your business is doing.

The fastest way to increase your conversion rate is to effectively use a call-to-action button.

Your call-to-action is not simply a summary of what you would like your browsers and potential customers to do for you.

Your call-to-action should tell them, or even command them, what you want them to do. Keep reading to learn how to effective use your call-to-action to increase your conversion rates.

Now before I share my juicy secrets with you, let’s get all of the excuses off the table.

You may think you aren’t creative enough to make a call-to-action button.

You may think you don’t have enough time, or that you are doing fine without one. These are all just excuses.

Call-to-action buttons are effective, they are worth the time, and anyone can make one or have one made.

Excuses aside, now we are ready to press on and talk about how to use your call-to-action effectively.

Coming up are 5 tactics you should employ to increase you conversion rates and grow your business.

These methods have been tested and the data shows dramatic results.

#1 – Color plays a huge part in the success of your calls to action

You want your website to have the same basic color scheme throughout.

You call to actions buttons will break that scheme. The human eye is attracted to contrast. This means that what is different will stand out giving you command of their attention. Use it well!

#2 – Your call-to-action button should be larger than the rest of the text on the page

Bigger is better, but remember there is a limit.

If you happen to love cake and you have a small piece, a slightly larger piece, and a whole cake, which are you going to pick?

You won’t know what’s too big and what’s too small till you try it.

Test it out and see how your visitors react to your various test samples.

#3 – Understand risk reduction

While on the subject of using your potential customer’s attention well, let’s talk about some well to increase your chances of a conversion after you have their attention.

The method with the most critical increase is risk reduction.

This requires you to reassure your potential customers that the risk is minimal. For example, telling them the signing up does not require a credit card will lift a heavy burden off their shoulders.

#4 – Increase your buttons but reduce their options

While this sounds confusing, it is actually really simple.

People do not like the pressure of making a decision. This means the less options there are, the more confident they will be in the choice they make.

On the flip side, the more choices there are, the more attractive it is. People like the sense of freedom to choice from a larger group instead of from a smaller group.

While both of these concepts seem to contradict one another, they are both hard wired into our decision making process.

With this in mind, you should offer 2-4 options which should vary in both price and features.

#5 – Speak in the first person

When thinking about the content of your button, there is a certain way of thinking to go about this.

Most people use second person statements to produce their button content like: You should sign up for this 30 day free trial.

If you use a first person statement, you will see better results.

For example: I want to sign up for my 30 day free trial.

This difference is clear and allows the potential client to visualize himself or herself already making the decision.

These tactics are meant to help you.

If you’ve read this far and don’t use them, you are missing out on massive conversion rates.

Your call-to-action button how you will get people on your email list, and as I’ve said repeatedly in the past, the money is in your list.

Click here to learn more…


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