The Fundamentals of Network Marketing

The Fundamentals of Network Marketing

If you are brand new to network marketing or have been or are a seasoned marketer we always rely on the fundamentals of MLM building. In this article I hope to cover the fundamentals to help get you on your way to building a successful MLM team and organization. If you are just starting out or have been in for years and have not developed much success in the Network Marketing industry these fundamentals will greatly raise your chances of finding success.



Network Marketing: Fundamental One:

Relationship building: If you do not successfully build strong relationships than you might as well quit right now. In Network Marketing you are not just building a business, you are buidling a “family”, a TEAM, a organization. This is about having fun, its about changing lives. We are in this industry to uplift each other. No ‘Debbie-downers’ allowed (no offense to any Debbies out there) Do people want to follow negative people or people with a positive attitude! You need to be there for your team and when you give your word stick to it. Your WORD is your most powerful ally. Realtionship building starts with building rapport with your prospects. Start with asking more questions and being a good listener.

Network Marketing: Fundamental Two:

Posture: Posturing goes a long way in Network Marketing. When you think of the posture you need think of the posture of leaders. How do you hold yourself, what image are you portraying. Dress for success. Once you make millions than dress like a beach bum. SMILE!! Look people in the eyes. Sit straight and dont back down. People want to follow a leader…




Network Marketing: Fundamental Three:

Comfort Zone: Network Marketing is working more on yourself than on your business. This industry is really about Personal Development. We are building a better you! In personal growth you are going to push against and step outside your comfort zone. If you’re comfortable you are not growing. Being uncomfortable does not feel good. Get used to it and do it anyways. The discomfort is your bodies way of telling you this is where you need work, where you need development. Being uncomfortable will push against your threshhold. Keep on pushing through, you will not regret it. We have all been where you are today. Its not easy but its worth it!!

Network Marketing: Fundamental Four:

Build Local: Especially when first starting you want to build local. You want your core team people you can touch and look in their eyes. There is nothing more powerful in recruiting than local meetings. Live and in person groups provide the social proof many people need when deciding to join something. Also it gets the wheels of momentum growing than you can branch out on the web. Most people that hide behind their computers dont succeed unless of you are awesome on the phone.

Network Marketing: Fundamental Four:

Learning: Never stop learning. Building a team and organization hinges around skillsets. Keep learning. Take courses, get on webinars, listen to audio cds in your car, read books. Never stop learning. The more you learn the more assets you collect for your team. We are always working on ourselves. If you stop learning you stop growing.

Network Marketing: Fundamental Five:

Get to Live Events: Get to your companies live events, your network marketing career depends on it. This is where you meet the owners of your company. Live events are where you meet the leaders and build life long relationships. Get your team to the live events. These are where everything solidifies about why you are in this industry and with the company you are in. This may be the most important step to building a successful organization.

Most of ALL Have Fun!! Life is too short not to.

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